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We love Lucy



Jackson, the pup, loves pulp for pets!

"I love Juicey Lucy! She not only makes organic, yummy juices, but she offers the remaining pulp free to dog owners as healthy supplements to their pooches' meals. I load up regularly on pulp to mix with my golden's raw meat, and Jackson loves it. Lucy also accepts charitable donations, which she uses to help rescues. Lucy is a true inspiration to our community!"


Colleen M.

Thanks For Your Kind Words!

"I can't say enough about how wonderful the folks at Juicey Lucy's are! While my mother is battling cancer in NY, I have been traveling across the country to take care of her, but have neglected to look after myself. I bought a Groupon for a three day cleanse, which expired while I was out of town. I saw the owner of Juicey Lucy's at the Kaiser Farmer's Market and spoke to her about my expired Groupon. Even though she was super busy creating fabulous fresh-pressed juice for a long line of patient JLu's fans (the juice is worth the wait!!!), she took the time to speak with me; AND she said I would be able to use my expired Groupon! I believe that the service Juicey Lucy's provides is a gift to our community. They not only nourish one's body, but they are kind, considerate people who really care about their customers' overall well-being! All that and organic fresh juice made from the season's bounty?! Perfection in a glass jar is what I call it. I just had to YELP with a great big THANKS and to encourage others to juice with JLu's. Check 'em out, they can be found at various Farmer's markets throughout SF & they even deliver to your home. Your body (& mind) will LOVE you for it."



So easy

"I just wanted to let you know that the young man who made the deliveries ... has been great! He's really sweet and has been super accommodating. Please tell him I said thanks for making it so easy for us to get our juices!!"


Jessica S.


"I juice every day and could not survive, literally, without it. It will stay with me for life, thanks to your teachings."

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