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Julie M.

We love nourishing our customers!

"My husband and I started Juicey Lucy's juice with a 3 day cleanse. We wanted to a jump start to eating healthier. My husband noticed after a few days, he felt more clear headed and needed less coffee. His joints felt better and he even thought he could see better, no joke! We both lost weight and felt great after and continued to try to eat more whole foods and less allergy type foods. We continued on with Juicey Lucy's delivery for one day a week and like to do the 3 day cleanse every now and then. Everyone at Juicey Lucy's have been a dream to deal with, they are very educated about juicing and cleanses and what may be good for you. They answer question quickly and are very accommodating with deliveries and working around your schedule. Another plus is the juice is delicious, so fresh and organic and my 1.5 year old daughter loves the juice and always wants to drink it right out of the glass jars with me!"


Krista M.

"Best @$&ing Juice Ever!"

As someone who really values quality, I have to say I've never had better juice than Juicey Lucy's (and I've tried alot of juice). When I stumbled upon their stand at my farmer's market, I knew I'd found something really special. Their juice is alive. Drinking it will give you beautiful skin, tons of energy, and a flat toned stomach. No other juice I've tried even comes close. And Claire is the most knowledgeable, friendly person who answers all your questions and advises you - a true expert on cleansing, etc. I see some negative reviews based on a Groupon offer which is sad because it overshadows what I think Yelpers want to know: this is the best @$&ing juice ever!!!!


Abigail H.

Energy Boost from Juice!

"Just wanted to let you know, that my energy level - even with daily workouts (which are getting tougher) is consistent. I am waking up before the alarm with no 'need' to hit the snooze. Mood impact has also been favorable, and I was able to reset after a little "girl scout cookie,' issue - which appears to be my sensitivity to sugar. Since I am now so clean, I am happy to report that my diet changes are in place for the long term, with noticeable results. Thanks."


Robin A

Never Felt Better

I've never felt better. It was just perfect for me to bounce back after having 3 children.


Sandy M.

Post Cleanse Vitality!

Fantastic! I feel De-puffed, De-toxified and rejuvenated! Thank you very much.


Dana C.

Green Juice Perfection

The green juice is perfect! Just the right amount of apple. Thank you so much! Loving this cleanse, I feel awesome.


Sandy M.

Coming Back For More!

I have really enjoyed the juices this week. Thank you very much for the terrific cleanse and excellent customer service. 
I will see you soon at a Farmers' Market and look forward to my next 5 day juice cleanse!


Kristen N.

Yummy and Healing...


"I never thought I'd be a firm believer in Juicing but this company completely changed my mind. I have been having stomach pains/ digestive issues for almost a year now. It got so bad a couple weeks back that I went to the emergency room and of course, they found nothing wrong. So, I decided to try the 5 day juice cleanse which was challenging but well worth it. After those 5 days I eased back into food and am feeling like new! It is amazing how much better my system is handling everything. The juices are yummy and the convenience of having them dropped at your door is amazing."


Jeanne L.

You Made My Day!


Thank you for an amazing week! Your juices and food were as delicious as ever. I lost the weight that I put on this summer and I felt great! My skin was glowing. I can't wait to do my next cleanse! Your juices are the best quality and purest that I have tasted. I am sure that you know this already! You are the best!!! Thank you so much for making my day.


Emily W.

Stress Buster!

"Thank you so much! This cleanse has not only revived my body, but refreshed my mind, body, soul connection. Stress had been getting the best of me and this was just what I needed. Plus, I can't complain about losing 7 lbs.!"


Juli C.

Share Good Health with Friends and Family

"I've been really enjoying the juices! Thanks so much, they are delicious!  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family."




"I will be doing the cleanse again near summer's end. It was the easiest cleanse I've ever been on. No struggling with hunger, feelings of deprivation, etc. A guy in my building saw me on the last day of it, and he said I looked radiant!"


Andrew W.


"That beet juice is crazy good!!!"


Andrea S.

No more candy

"OK deal - no more candy! I'm feeling like a rock star today!"


Andrew W.


"Thank you very much! Your juices are delicious."



Body and mind

"Thanks a bunch, this has been great in so many ways. Physically and mentally its really had an impact on me. I am mindfully thinking about what I want to put into my body going forward, and I even inspired my roommate to unearth our never used juicer to create some homemade concoctions! Thanks for the daily emails, they definitely helped along the way!"


Bridget H.

I loved the Juices...

"The juices and soups were like drinking straight from the garden."


Maureen F.

Happy Meal...

"I really was happy to see the juice pack this am . Now that's a 'happy meal'. Thank You."


Athena P.

Easy cleanse...

"The 7-day cleanse wasn't hard at all - I think it helped a lot how how good the juices tasted.  My energy is and has been good.  I had only one night were I was quite tired.  I don't know how much weight I lost because I don't weigh myself but I feel slimmer and less bloated.  I was not hungry at all during the cleanse, the juices were very satisfying and five per day was definitely enough.  The juices were really, really delicious - I looked forward to having them and drinking them felt so incredibly nourishing as well. . . ."


Jeanne L.

The juices were delicious

"The juices were delicious, I am sure you know this already but I love your cleanse.  I feel great!  Your juices and food make me feel so refreshed.  Thanks to you I seriously feel like a rock star."

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