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Give the Gift of Health

Why Give the Gift of Juicey Lucy's Juice?

• Sustainable. Organic. Quality.
Juicey Lucy's uses only hand selected, 100% Organic vegetables and fruits sourced from local farmers.

Juice with the bounty of the season.
Juicey Lucy's is dedicated to using only seasonal produce. Living according to nature's laws and naturally rotating your foods with the time of the year creates a diet that is diverse, naturally detoxifying, and more nutrient dense.

Juicey Lucy's Juice is Fresh-Pressed.
Your gift recipient will have the pleasure of enjoying juice that is individually pressed right there before their eyes, one ingredient at a time, and served immediately when its nutrients are at the highest quality.

20 Years of Expertise.
With 20 years experience, Juicey Lucy's has mastered the art of juice. Our exquisite juice alchemy sets us apart from the rest. We think they will taste the difference!

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