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We strive to make our services and products affordable, because we think radiant health is something that should be within everyone’s reach. We could lower the price by compromising on our organic standards, or by prepackaging juice and delivering multiple day's menus at once, but we are committed to bringing you the freshest juice and upholding the best practices of juicing. We make each juice fresh and customized to your individual needs, and deliver every day, which is an added expense, but a necessary one.

Adding an apple makes a vegetable juice sweeter and more palatable to most people. As your taste buds adjust, you may want to reduce or eliminate apple in the interest of lowering the sugar content of your juice.

If you feel the need to eat solid food, consider one of our Juice and Food cleanses, otherwise, juice and water is all you need!

If you’re hungry, enjoy one of your juices. If you’ve finished them all, try drinking a big glass of water, or brushing your teeth and finding a distraction. If a nap is an option, it’s a great way to deal with hunger during a cleanse.

Changing your diet means your system has to change the enzymes that it produces. As your body goes through this adjustment period you may experience gas or bloating, loose bowels, or possibly none at all. This is temporary, and your digestion will regulate as your body adjusts. If you find that your bowels are slow to move when you begin your cleanse, please let us know, and we will include some of our favorite herbal psyllium blend with your next delivery, which is both gentle and very effective.

Start with a green one, and then alternate colors.

Yes, if you crave a warm drink, try a tea made from slices of fresh ginger, fresh fennel, or a few sprigs of fresh mint. You may also enjoy warm water with lemon. Avoid caffeine, tea bags and sugar. No honey, either!

No way. Not even decaf. No.

Sorry! The headache is a sign of your body detoxifying from an addiction. Coffee is a serious drug. Enjoy one of your juices, or warm tea made from fresh ginger. The headaches will stop soon. Be brave, and look forward to a time when you are free of toxins and addictions.

Yes, this is entirely likely. Remember, your calorie and fat intake has dropped. Put on a layer, and remember to keep your head, neck, kidneys and extremities warm. Sip your warming ginger tea and curl up with a blanket. This is a good time for rest.

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