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If you are going through significant detoxification, your body may clear toxins in various ways. This could take the form of pimples, rashes or changes in body odor. Don’t be discouraged! It’s temporary; you will have radiant skin and smell fresh as a daisy when you’re on the other side of your cleanse.

Yes, all the ingredients we use in our kitchen, such as tortillas, tamari, and olive oil are certified kosher. We’re excited about having our kitchen blessed by a rabbi in the future!

Well, that depends on how you feel, and what your regular exercise routine is. The bottom line is always "Liisten to your body." Your calorie and fat intake has dropped, so you will probably have less energy than you're used to, at least for the first few days. If you feel you have the energy, go ahead and go to the gym, but pay close attention to your body's response while you're there, and don't push yourself. Don't force yourself to go to the gym if what you really want is some gentle yoga or a nap. We would advise against cleansing while you're in heavy physical training mode.

Regardless of how much you want to exercise, please don't supplement your cleanse with energy drinks, protein shakes, bars, goos or powders. These things completely negate the purpose of your cleanse!

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