Environmental Initiatives

Juicey Lucy’s works every day to protect our environment and give our customers opportunities to do the same. Environmental stewardship is ingrained in our heritage, and we pride ourselves on having a positive influence on the environment. Juicey Lucy’s has consistently been commended by GreenMary and other environmental advocacy groups for our commitment to zero-waste events and vending.

The earliest inception of our cafe chose not to offer any take-out packaging at all, rather than use the plastic that was then the only option, and we have been a San Francisco pioneer in the use of biodegradable or reusable take-out ware. Our commitment to bringing you 100% organically grown produce, 365 days a year, keeps thousands of pounds of toxic fertilizers and pesticides out of California’s waterways and soil.  In addition, our support of local farmers helps to keep our carbon footprint low. We also give back to the earth by composting the thousands of pounds of vegetable pulp produced by our juicers every year, except what gets fed to our customer's animal friends through our Free Pulp for Pets program!

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