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Which type of cleanse is right for me?


Satisfy your craving for beautiful fresh juices with a Juice Only cleanse. Choose this option if you already have a healthy eating lifestyle and want to give your vitality a boost. A Juice Only cleanse is also the best option for anyone with weight loss, detoxification, or healing as their primary goal. Even if you're brand new to Juice Cleansing, we still encourage you to try a Juice Only cleanse; your body knows best!


If your first thought is "I couldn't possibly go 10 days without food!", consider one of our Juice and Food cleanses. This type of cleanse is recommended for someone's first cleanse, or for someone transitioning into a lifestyle of healthier eating. Juicey Lucy's also recommends the Juice and Food cleanse for anyone experiencing chronic constipation, as the extra fiber is beneficial. Juice and Food is also a practical choice for the busy professional who has social or business obligations to eat "real food".

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