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Enjoy More Sweet Navel Oranges

Have you ever had a moment with an orange? The round bulk of it cupped in your hand as you begin to peel it, and the dust like bits of white (the bioflavanoids, which actually help you absorb the vitamin C) spray out and tickle your nose with its sweet aroma? You know what I'm talking about right? As you proceed to peel, tiny streams of juice flow from your palm to your wrist. And you may even attempt to salvage the juice by licking it off. In that moment, your senses are alive! Food does this to us, especially fresh simple foods from the earth. Real food invites us to discover it as it reveals its qualities of texture, smell and taste.

The navel orange is a fascinating fruit for many reasons. It opens up the senses especially through its intensely sweet and soothing smell. It's also a wonderfully nourishing fruit and most appropriate when eaten in season because of its warming quality.  Navel oranges are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C (don't forget the additional bioflavanoids in the white pith which help with Vitamin C absorption), Vitamin B Complex, which help support healthy cell function, increased immune function and help balance your mood.

There are foods that we eat for the benefit of our body and there are foods that we eat for the benefit of our pleasure. It's always nice coming upon the edible gems that give us both. Oranges do that. Increase the warmth of your blood, turn up the the volume on your immune system and delight your taste buds this month by eating/drinking more navel oranges. We've got them on the menu this week and they're sweet, sweet, sweet!

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