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Maybe you heard us singing out praises to beets before, but this week we're all about 'em and we're reminding you why. Beets have a way of FLIRTING with our mood. With its combination of minerals, elements, amino acids (like Tryptophan, also found in CHOCOLATE), Beets provoke the production of sex hormones and also give us a sense of well being.

While we're on the subject of flirting and chocolate, if Valentine's day is your thing, here's a fun myth to explore...
In ancient times, they believed that if two people ate from the same beet they'd fall in love and be tied together for life. That gives our famous "BEET LIPS" a whole new meaning!

LOVE yourself a little extra this month by drinking fresh beet juice! Beets are a wonderful liver tonic and overall very cleansing. Keeping the liver nourished and toxin free is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. It is true, beets are high in sugar, but their natural sugar digests slowly and energizes your body in a gentle and natural way. If you commonly experience an afternoon energy drop, try sipping a beet juice and you'll find your energy renewed.

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