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Nourish, Repair and Heal!

We can walk in the direction of dis-ease or we can walk in the direction of optimal health.  Creating a relationship with the foods you eat and living a mindful lifestyle that promotes health, is how you create health.

Take a moment to think about the way you relate to dis-ease and how you view your own part in the role of your health. Lets take an easy example that everyone can relate to. Everyone has experienced a cold or flu at some point. Can you remember a time when you felt your body communicating to you that is was tired, needed to slow down, needed better nourishment, but you denied it because you were simply too busy to slow down, too busy to prepare nourishing wholesome foods? Our bodies call out to us and give us early indications of what it needs. When we don't listen, the body needs to speak louder. Dis-ease is ultimately the body shouting out for us to STOP, REPAIR AND HEAL.

One topic of conversation that gets me fueled, passionate and bubbling with thought is the topic of food. Sure, the culinary art of food and the gift of marrying unique flavors excites me, but it goes deeper than that. Food is an incredibly sensual experience that often involves a multiple sensory experience and food is such a basic necessity for survival. We get hungry, we eat– pretty simple. I have a problem with the food system in which we entrust to satisfy our natural hunger and nourish our bodies.  The alarming fact about the average American diet is that people are over fed yet starving.

Over fed and starving? How is that even possible, you might ask? Well, it simply means that we are feeding our hunger without nourishing the nutritional needs of our body. So no matter how many bags of pretzels you consume to fix the hunger in your tummy, your body is still not satisfied. Our beautifully intelligent bodies know how to keep us vital and resilient when the proper fuel, AKA food, is administered.

My purpose here is to encourage you to recognize that you hold the key to your health.  You and only you, have the choice to nourish your body, live consciously in regards to your health and create a lifestyle that promotes health.

Where do you begin? Begin by learning what it means to nourish your body. Begin by creating small habits that amount to big changes. By simply removing one bad habit and replacing it with a healthy one, you are doing something tremendous for your health.

Now lets talk about Fresh Pressed Juice and why you need it. The quality and quantity of living enzymes and nutrients in fruits and vegetables contribute to our body's ability to nourish, repair and heal. Fresh pressed juice delivers a unique and unmatched amount of nutrients to the body. In bypassing the digestive process and assimilating effortlessly, raw fresh pressed juice has the power to provide your body with an amazing amount of nutrients that support your immune system. Bingo! Our immune system is what sustains our health and vitality. Strengthen your immune system by eliminating toxins and adding proper fuel to your tank and you will be gifted with better health. By simply adding fresh pressed juice to your regular diet, you are flooding your cells with everything they need to flourish.  The next time you put something in your mouth, pause and ask yourself, how it will serve you. If your goal in life is to feel great and to look great, think about your role in that.

If you are ready to take a step in the direction of your highest potential for optimal health, consider how you can make more room in your diet for things that will satisfy and nourish you at the deepest level. We believe in food as medicine. Our passion is in our ability to serve and nourish you, so Juicey Lucy's welcomes you to taste and feel the difference!

Cheers to your Vitality!

Megan Fleming for Juicey Lucy's, Ayurvedic Health Educator

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