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Ten Benefits of a Juice Cleanse and Truth about Fresh Pressed!

Why drink fresh pressed juice in the first place?
Taking fresh organic fruits and veggies and extracting fresh pressed juice, creates a juice that gives the body a potent dose of nutrients. It feels good to know you are doing something healthy and healing for your body. The decision to love ourselves begins with nourishment. Have you had moments in your life when you used your body as a garbage can, filling it with excess junk food? The process of removing all those toxins and restoring health is a gift that reveals itself in the form of better health. If you've had the opportunity to truly cleanse and change your relationship with food, you understand that everything, that enters the body, creates or inhibits our experience of optimal health.

Do you know what happens to your body when you begin a juice cleanse?
By giving your body a chance to rest and heal from nutrient-lacking foods, you are restoring your cells and flushing out unwanted toxins. When you juice, you are virtually separating the nutrient-rich properties in a vegetable from it fibrous material, making it easier to drink in one concentrated recipe. Since you are consuming twice as many vitamins and minerals in one 16 ounce juice than what it would take to digest whole veggies, drinking juice is responsible for:

1) Removing stored toxins in the blood, lymph, cells, organs
2) Hydrating 
3) Alkalizing your blood
4) Reducing inflammation
5) Supplying increased oxygen to the blood and cells
6) Increasing metabolism
7) Improved digestion
8) Regaining nutrients
9) Rebuilding healthy cells
10) Eliminating excess stored fat

With so many juice options, why choose fresh pressed?
Juicey Lucy's is at the farmer's markets 6 days a week gathering up 100% organic, local, seasonal produce. Each day, we make sure each juice is made with the finest quality leafy greens and fresh produce.

Fresh Pressed Juice is an art that respects the properties of juice, while recognizing the body's highest capacity for utilizing nutrients. Fresh Pressed Juice does not require preservation, because it understands that the true intention of juice is to be consumed when the nutrients are at their highest quality. Fresh pressed juice is not meant to be consumed cold, after several days of sitting on a shelf in the refrigerator. Fresh pressed juice is best enjoyed a room temperature within a few hours of being pressed so that your body can more easily begin the digestion process.

Fresh Pressed Juice respects the intention of juicing and serves nourishment, vitality and optimal flavor because it is FRESH!

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