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Slow Down, Nurture and Nourish. Love, Indian Summer/Fall


As we move towards Indian Summer (or Fall for those outside of SF), tune into its unique rhythm. Draw awareness of daylight lessening, leaves beginning to change color as they prepare to fall back into the earth. Understand that the process of this season is inviting us to join in relationship with its rhythm. The need to slow down, nourish our bodies and support the liver in its ongoing efforts to remove toxins from the body is ever so important. Just as this season is about tilling the soil, planting new seeds and preparing for new harvest, our body too is seeking a process of renewal.

Late Summer/Fall cleansing is unique. Unlike Spring and Summer when fasting can be beneficial, this is a time for strengthening, rejuvenating and fortifying the immune system. So the question becomes, how do we gently detox without striping the body of what it needs?

Juicing offers the body something fabulous. Fresh pressed juice extracts a pure concentration of nutrients from fruits and veggies. When drinking juice, you are bypassing the digestive process that goes into breaking down foods and pulling those nutrients out to nourish the blood, the cells and the organs. Juice is quickly assimilated and gives the whole body the highest quantity and quality of nourishment.

I encourage you to implement a diet that is seasonal and warming, while avoiding foods that are processed and packaged. It is appropriate and necessary to eat heavier foods such as lentil soups, roots and tubers and whole grains. Adding a daily juice to your diet will increase your nutrient intake and is the perfect compliment to a Fall diet.

Here are some great ways to cleanse this Late Summer/Fall:

1) A one day per week juice cleanse along with a seasonal whole foods diet.

2) 2 Juices per Day three days a week via our JLu2Go/Juice Truck Delivery Program.

3) A 5-10 Day JLu Juice+Food Cleanse with Ayurvedic nutritional guidance.

Take advantage of our 20 years of juicing wisdom! If you want to slow down, nourish, and learn how to best care for yourself this fall, we are here to support you!

In Love and in Best Regards to Your Health!

Megan Fleming for JLu
Ayurvedic Health Educator


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