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Juice Rules to Live By!

Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach This allows all those vital nutrients to be assimilated and absorbed into the bloodstream easily. The fiber and bulk of foods is a longer digestive process so its important to wait at least 2 hours after eating a meal before drinking juice or wait 20 minutes after drinking a juice before you eat a meal. 

Drink Juice when it is FRESH The live enzymes in fruits and vegetables begin to breakdown after it sits after being juiced. Drink raw fresh pressed juice within 24 hours. You will easily know the difference between fresh pressed juice and juice that has been stored. The taste is unmatchable with fresh pressed and you'll know a difference in the way you feel after drinking it. Nothing compares to FRESH!

Combining Fruits and Veggies Most fruits should be consumed separately. The reason we don't add melon to our veggie juices is because melon moves through the body quickest. It would interfer with the digestive process to combine melons with veggies. Also, though sweet juices sometimes are most appealing, too much fruit juice can create higher sugar levels in the body. We love our summer seasonal specials because certain fruits are very cleansing in season. We'd never offer a watermelon juice in winter. It's important to recognize that fruits have their place and function by following the seasons. We will never serve you a juice that improperly combines fruits and veggies.

Juice as a complimentary source of nourishment unless cleansing Juice can be used as a daily dose of nutrients. It's great to start the day with a fresh green juice on an empty stomach and then move into eating whole foods. The only time you'd want to use juice as a meal is when you are cleansing and committing to juice only for a set period.

Chew and Swish! By chewing or swishing juice, your mouth releases saliva that contains important digestive enzymes. The digestive enzymes are what help to carry the nutrients to each cell. When we say refresh, revitalize, replenish, think about the role enzymes play in this. That is why you'll never find a straw at Juicey Lucy's. We are about maximizing the benefits of your juice!

Give yourself some Variety! Remember to rotate the greens to provide a balanced amount of different vitamins and minerals for your body.

Smoothies should never replace Juice Smoothies are great but they don't have the same power as veggie juice. Drinking juice requires little energy for digestion and gives your cells the nutrients to repair and rebuild. Fresh Pressed Juice is preventative medicine so don't wait until you are sick. Optimal health is really a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Educate yourself, make small changes, drink juice regularly and stay well. At Juicey Lucy's we love what we do. We know a lot about juice and we're here to provide knowledge and support as you create your own personalized juice habit!

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