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Why Juice with the Season?

Perhaps you have heard the phrase, "Eat seasonally." We assume that eating seasonally is a good thing, but why?

Nature works to meet our nutritional needs by providing us with foods that are appropriate for each season. For example, a peach not only tastes sweetest in the summer, but its qualities work with the body's need for light, cooling and quick to digest foods during the warm season. Peaches are not meant to be eaten in winter, because the body craves heartier foods that sustain warmth and bulk. Most conventional grocery stores offer a variety of produce regardless of season. These foods are often full of pesticides, waxes, and preservatives to make them LOOK good. This compromises the nutritional quality of food and confuses the body. By living according to nature's laws and naturally rotating your foods with the seasons, you will create a diet that is naturally diverse, naturally detoxifying, and more nutrient dense. Seasonal foods have a much higher antioxidant content than non-seasonal foods. Juicey Lucy's has nourished you for 20 years because we care about the quality of our foods and juices. Always 100% organic and seasonal. Always the best!

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