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Juicey Lucy's in North Panhandle News

Take a look at the piece written about Juicey Lucy's published in the September/October issue of North Panhandle News:

"Each Sunday, NoPa residents flock to Juicey Lucy's at the Grove and Divisadero Farmers' Market to get their serving of organic, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. While many call her Lucy, It's really Lisa Bach who brings the juice to NoPa.

Juicey Lucy's (juiceylucys.com) opened in 1994 in North Beach and has expanded to several farmers' markets, besides managing the production and delivery of individually catered juice cleanses.

"Juicey Lucy has been part of the farmers' market movement since the mid-90s and it's a vital part of who we are as a business," said Lisa Bach. "At its heart, Juicey Lucy's is all about building healthy communitites, and farmers' markets are an integral part of that process, allowing people to connect to the farmers who grow their food and participate in the local economy."

An artist, alchemist, and healthy lifestyle advocate, Lisa has served more than one million ounces of juice. Every one of them is pressed for an individual customer, either at their market booth or in their kitchen, where they prepare for daily deliveries at 6:00am.

"The NoPa market is special to us and we are honored to be part of creating a healthy and thriving community. It's great to be part of the change that is happening here," said Lisa. "Our staff also has a soft spot for the NoPa market because it has so many handsome men as customers. On a rainy day, it sure makes us smile!"

-- written by Caitlin Storhaug, NoPa resident and managing editor of NOPNA News


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