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Driving Our Business Forward!

It's been a wild couple of days here at Chez Juicey. A small business contest was brought to our attention on Wednesday; a chance to win a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, plus a grant for customization for business use. The Sprinter has been our dream Mobile Juice Truck ever since we first laid eyes on it. What we could do with that vehicle! Sadly, we could never get far enough ahead to get one, but here's our chance! The only catch? We had less than 24 hours to film, edit and submit our video entry until the contest closed. Yikes!

With the help of some amazing people, we pulled it off at the last minute, and now we need your help, too! Please take a moment to visit the following link and watch our video proposal on YouTube. The more views we get, the higher our chances of winning. If we were to win such a beautiful vehicle, We can promise you that we can take things to the next level to better serve you, the beating heart of our business, and the reason we get out of bed every morning before the sun is up.

Please copy and paste the following link to view the video, and if you could pass this on to any contacts who might want to benefit from the Original San Francisco Juice Bar, we would very, very much appreciate it. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

The video can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6IrmQfUyoU

In deepest gratitude for your support and aid,
Miss Juicey Lucy and the entire JLu staff.

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