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Organic Eating within your Budget

One of the most common misconceptions about organic eating is that it's prohibitively expensive.  Organic food is not only much tastier and healthier for you and your family, it has long-term impact on the health of our one-and-only earth, too. Every farm that switches to organic growing methods keeps thousands of pounds of toxic fertilizer and pesticides out of our watersheds, protecting our rivers and oceans, our soil, our wildlife, and our drinking water. Today we'll offer some guidelines on how you can make the switch to organic without breaking the bank.

1. Avoid processed, packaged convenience foods and buy whole, unprocessed fruits and veggies. Buy only what you need to avoid waste.

2. Skip the "organic" section at the conventional grocery store. The produce is generally overpriced, and because it's not the store's main focus, it's often less than fresh, too. Instead, shop at an organic co-op, or better yet; see #3.

3. Shop at your local Farmer's Market. Stay right until the end to catch eleventh-hour deals. Farmers would rather sell it to you at a discount than cart it back home.


4. Be flexible. Change your diet with the seasons. Produce that is in season is abundant, fresh, low cost, and is always what's best for your body at that time.

5. Finally, plant a container or two in your backyard or on your roof or balcony. Salad or Pot greens can grow year round in the Bay Area, and don't take up much room. Fresh, organic, practically free greens can be just steps away from your kitchen, making it that much easier and more affordable to get your veggies, every day.

Remember that the main reason that organic produce is more expensive is that it's a minority of people who buy it. The more people who make the change to organic, the more viable it becomes for farmers and grocery stores to provide it, and the lower the price gets!

We at Juicey Lucy's have been buying seasonally and supporting local Farmer's Markets since our first inception. It helps us keep our costs reasonable, because we believe that radiant health should be within everyone's reach.

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