Juicey Lucy's Bio

Lisa Bach

Juicey Lucy's has been San Francisco’s premiere producer of organic fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices ever since opening in 1994, when Lisa Bach realized her goal of sharing the Joy of Juice.

An artist, alchemist, and pioneer in preparing delicious food and promoting healthy lifestyles, Lisa, affectionately called Lucy by her devoted customers, has served over 1,000,000 ounces of juice to yoga masters, rock stars, media moguls and endless lines of eager, ordinary extraordinary folk.

Lisa's early career in high fashion honed the skills in flawless presentation and impeccable service she proudly uses to this day. She believes passionately in sourcing fresh local, organic and seasonal ingredients, and has supported local farmers since the earliest inception of her café.  Until 2007, she served 100% organic vegan food and juice from her iconic North Beach location. In time, Lisa developed a dynamic array of other offerings, including individualized catered juice cleanses, special events, Farmer's Markets, and The Original Juice Truck delivery service.

Lisa can be found behind her colorful counter at festivals, events and markets in every corner of San Francisco, or pursuing her passions for yoga, educating youth, and raising awareness of the plight of abandoned dogs.

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