About Juicey Lucy's

Juicey Lucy's has been SF's premiere producer of organic, fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juice since 1994. Today Juicey Lucy's continues to provide excellent service through catered cleanses, the original juice truck delivery service, special events, farmers' markets and pre-ordered juice pick up at the new JLu 2 Go kitchen in Potrero Hill.


Always Organic, Always Seasonal, Local and Sustainable... For 20 years, Juicey Lucy's has been dedicated to buying solely organic produce because we believe in providing not only a top quality product, but also one that is safe for you. Instead of pressing standardized recipes exhibiting the same ingredients year-round, Juicey Lucy's shops by the bounty of the season and offers juice made from produce that is fresh and abundant from our local farmers markets.


What is fresh-pressed juice? Juicey Lucy's philosophy says that real fresh juice is not to be served in a bottle that has been sitting on a shelf or in a refrigerator. Fresh juice is meant to be enjoyed the same day it was pressed to ensure you benefit fully from its nutrients and to guarantee that it is the most pleasing to your taste palate. When juice is not fresh pressed, the majority of helpful enzymes are lost within the time that it is unsealed. Our juices are made in a minute and sealed within the next minute, therefore reducing it's exposure to air and avoiding loss of nutritional value. You won't find cut corners, plastic containers, bulk production or long distance shipping in our Juice Bar. We strive to bring you the freshest, most nutritious juice possible!


Why Juice with JLu? In our opinion, juicing should not be a quick fix or an option to drop a few pounds, it should instead be an option to change your relationship with food and embrace a healthy lifestyle for the long run. Having had 20 years of experience in the juicing industry we've had plenty of time to understand the nuances of flavor and refine each recipe created just for you. We truly see juice alchemy as a culinary art and we cater to each individual's needs instead of mass producing juice in an assembly-line style. All of the flavors of our juice will vary each day and we think you'll taste the difference. They say, "to taste is to know!"


Juicey Lucy's has been featured in Gourmet Magazine, SF Magazine, SF Chronicle, Yogi Times, Lonely Planet, SF Weekly, ESPN and SF Food Lover's Guide, as well as international publications from Japan, Germany, Italy and South Africa.


We sincerely look forward to placing our many years of experience in juice alchemy at your service!

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